About us


Sportelli S.L. is a quality compromised familar business started in 1980 consisting in both producing and distributing male jerseis. More than thirty years of experience are ahead our own manufactured products. Sportelli S.L. has focused since its begginnings on offering high quality design and clothing, based in an artisanal process that minds any small detail, confering our high standard jerseis personality; backed by high quality spinnings in its elaboration. To make all this possible, Sportelli S.L. has a large number of professionals with wide experience, specialised in design, weaving, confection, ironing and endings. The vocation of Sportelli S.L., to persistently maintain its products on top of the market at all times, introducing in the samplers the last fashion trends regarding both the spinnings and the design of their clothes, has allowed a product consolidation in a medium-high market segment having also presence in the most important multibrand establishment of Spain. In 2010 Sportelli S.L. iniciated its expansion to internacional markets.

After 34 years of history and currently being Sportelli S.L. second generation, we keep mantaining the quality, the innovation and the own fabrication standards as the pilars on which we relays all our company activities. We have a strong believe in this family business to keep this modus operandi as a distinctive element, which apports an added value to our quality. The fact of making them exclusively in Spain allows us to have a direct control amongst the production process making sure each and every piece follows this quality standards we were talking about.